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About Mofound Real Estate

Hangzhou Mofound Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd., is a company focuses on providing real estate leasing and related information consulting services to the expatriates in Hangzhou. Since the inception, we insist on offering high-quality, professional service to customers for their better life . We will persevere and continuous make improvement to be the most outstanding real estate information consulting company in Hangzhou and even all the country.

We have an experienced professional team , familiar with the property situation in Hangzhou, and we have the knowledge and experience to deal with expats from many different countries around the world many years. Our real estate leasing service includes apartments, villas, townhouses and office, etc. In addition, we can also assist with the installation of satellite television, travel, cater care, visa and other related services. We are aim to offer the best assistance for your wonderful living in Hangzhou.

Our clients:

If you are working in Hangzhou and need to live here for some time, please contact us;

If you are foreign teachers in Hangzhou schools, and want to have a comfortable living environment, please contact us;

If you are traveling in Hangzhou, and just want to temporarily settled in here, please contact us;

If you come to Hangzhou for international exchange, and want to enjoy the life here, please contact us;

If you are a foreign student studying in Hangzhou, and want to have your own living space, please contact us;


Our policy:

Personalized service tailored for you and your family, to find a comfortable home;

A full range of life consulting for all aspects of you and your family living in Hangzhou;

Continuous communication assistance to help you and your family to solve any problems during Hangzhou life;


Our commitment:

We will provide you with the most warm, professional service;

We will listen carefully to your feedback and continuous make improvement;

We will work with you as a friend, and enjoy life together in Hangzhou;







welcome to Hangzhou ! If you need realtor service, please contact with us, we are ready to help you!