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11-12-2014 | 13:40:18
How to rent a suitable apartment/house/flat/villa/office?
Hangzhou rent apartment

When you want to rent apartment, especially in a strange surrounding, everything is unfamiliar, you will face many difficulty and make really hard work to do it.

First of all, you need to be familiar with the surroundings as soon as possible. Is the city very poor or rich? It is a small city or a large one? Where you will go, near the center of the city or in the suburb? How about the order in the surroundings?

And of course you need to know even more, but here we are talking about “How to rent apartment”, so we will analysis the rental market in Hangzhou. In the next article we’ll talk the details.

When you have a basic understanding of the rental market in Hangzhou, you can make your budget. Based on you financial situation, you’ll divide your revenue into some parts. First of all, you should take some for your basic living expense, such as food\traffic\communication\party\..., and then maybe also a big part for rental costs.

Hangzhou is a big city, although not so big in china, but you should consider the traffic/property management/holidays… and many things when you want to rent apartment here, otherwise it will really trouble you in your daily life.

In the end, you also should consider the service besides rent an apartment, for example you will need the set up the network ( you can refer this page Internet-Service ). You may want to have a good travel in Hangzhou ( Tour-Service ). Watch your hometown TV channels? ( Television-Service ). Taste the Chinese food? ( Cater-Service )

welcome to Hangzhou ! If you need realtor service, please contact with us, we are ready to help you!