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20-11-2014 | 06:27:50
Retirees enjoy test ride on Metro Line 2

Nov 19, 2014 | Source: www.hangzhou.com.cn/Edited by Shanghai Daily

Local residents take a free ride on Metro Line 2 yesterday, the first day of a test run before the subway starts commercial operation.

The city's new subway, Metro Line 2, carried 16,300 people yesterday, the first day of its six-day trial operation, and all the trains ran on time from 6:30am in the morning to 9:30pm in the evening. Most passengers were retirees in Xiaoshan District, south of the Qiantang River. Three stations on Qianjiang Road, Renmin Road and People's Square were the busiest yesterday. Compared with Metro Line 1, the facilities of Metro Line 2 are much more user-friendly with more spacious train cars. Even passengers were more civilized in behavior, some people said after taking a ride in the new subway. Their only complaint is that there were no buses to connect Line 1 and Line 2. Metro officials said shuttle bus services will be available from November 24. Three temporary bus lines will connect Qianjiang Road Station of Line 2 with Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station and Jinjiang Road Station on Line 1. These bus lines will stop operation when Metro Line 4 goes into service because Line 4 will join Line 1 and Line 2. Metro Line 2 operates from 6:30am to 9:30pm with an interval of 8:48 between trains. Qianjiang Century City Station is not yet open due to construction in the vicinity. The new subway links downtown Hangzhou with Xiaoshan District. Tickets range from 2 yuan (US$0.33) to 5 yuan one way.

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