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16-07-2014 | 17:17:02
Cater Care In Hangzhou

China is a country with a long history, and eating is highly important feature of China’s culture, so naturally dining culture has developed to a high degree. Chinese food is said to have its beginnings in the Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BC). Through thousands of years of evolution it has developed into the modern food culture.

China can be divided into many geographical areas, and each area has a distinct style of cooking. such as Zhejiang food, Jiangsu food, Fujian food, Hunan food, Chuan food, etc.

So if you want to tase chinese food in Hangzhou or just want cater care service, you can contact us.

These are some common chinese dishes:

1, Fanqiechaodan(番茄炒蛋)



This is a common dish in china, the main Ingredients are eggs and tomatoes. With a bright color,  pleasant taste, nutrient-rich, sweet and sour, and a little bit of flexibility in valuables, it becomes a popular dish in china




2, Muxurou(木须肉)



This is a traditional and famous dish in china, the main Ingredients are pork, eggs and mushrooms. Because the color is yellow and the shape just like sawdust, so its name muxurou(The meat looks like sawdust)








This is a  traditional dish, is one of the moust famous SiChuan dishes. The main ingredients are chicken, peanuts, cucumbers, peppers and other accessories. It is red but not hot, spicy but not fierce




4, Tangculiji(糖醋里脊)



This is one of the classic chinese dishes. The main material   is pork tenderloin, together with the flour, starch, vinegar, and some other ingredients.








The main material of this dish is sheep's leg,  coriander leaves, cumin, and a variety of condiments. The meat is tender, digestible and wiht hight protein content. it is a little spicy salty


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