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02-07-2014 | 15:06:43
Yining Provides Housing for 90 Percent Residents

Yining city of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has provided housing for nearly 90 percent of its residents, meeting the housing demands of urban and rural residents, especially those of mid- and low-income families in urban areas.

Built in 2008, the Minsheng residential community provides low rent houses and a favorable living environment. As one of the first residents moving to the community, Seydan said the heating system runs well and his life is much better than before.

In Enyell township, 300 households of herdsmen have moved into fixed homes. Herdsman Wurken said: "The new house is near to the school and hospital, and the road condition is quite good."

After opening a small store when they settled down, Wurken and his wife started a tourist farm (agritainment) in his yard with the help of the local government and other villagers. They have welcomed many tourists and providing them with Kazakh flavored dried milk, Xinjiang grapes, and butter.

At present, 11 households in Enyell township run agritainments and a manual embroidery base is under operation. Herdsmen are exploring new ways to increase their income as they have got used to their new lives.

Since 2011 the housing project has brought houses to 4,167 families and the number is eventually expected to be 19,008 households.

This year, 6,001 houses have been completed and put into use, exceeding the planned 5,770 sets. Among which 5,460 sets, accounting for 91 percent, have owners. Four low-rental communities with 8,073 sets are built and 7,101 households have moved in.

All together 460 herdsmen households live in houses.

In addition 3,500 public rental houses covering 210,000 square meters are under construction and another 500 public rental houses are included in newly built commercial resident communities. (Source: Liu Fengjing, reporter for the publicity department of Yining municipal Party committee)

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