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14-03-2014 | 11:35:30
Spanish classes provided at high school for first time
Society / Education

To the surprise of students at the High School Attached to Zhejiang University, they found “Spanish Language” added to their supplementary courses when they select courses online on March 9. A total of 90 seats in the three classes, which will be taught by Antonio, a Spanish teacher, were soon occupied entirely.

This is the first time that the High School Attached to Zhejiang University as well as the city’s high schools has introduced a Spanish language course. For this term, Antonio will open seven Spanish language classes, one of which is for teachers, and establish a Spanish language society.

Starting from this week, students from the 10th and 11th Grade will start to take the classes, which are scheduled to be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Each class will have 30 students.

As many students would love to learn Spanish, the school has decided to open another three classes on Saturdays, said Li Ganghao, deputy director of the school’s teaching department.

The school’s teachers have already taken a Spanish class given by Antonio on March 6. They were taught some basic knowledge about the language. “Spanish is a language very few people learn in China, but it’s actually the world’s third most widely spoken language,” said Ms. Tu Xiaodan. “We’ve learned the pronunciation of the 29 letters and it was pretty interesting.”

Shentu Yongqing, president of the school, noted that foreign teachers that speak German, Japanese and English will next be invited to teach the languages and conduct international exchange. All of them will be elective courses before any of them is retained as a compulsory course for the 10th and 11th Grade students, and there will be no less than three classes given each week.

English language course is very mature in terms of teaching materials for Chinese high schools, but there have not been such materials for Spanish, German or Japanese language courses. The foreign teachers will compile the textbooks for the time being.

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