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07-04-2014 | 14:36:00
A Poem about Qingming Festival






Du Mu

A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day;

The mourner’s heart is breaking on his way.

Where can a winehouse be found to drown his sadness?

A cowherd points to Almond Flower Village in the distance.

About the Poet

Du Mu (杜牧803—852) was a leading Chinese poet of the late Tang Dynasty. His courtesy name was Muzhi (牧之), and sobriquet Fanchuan (樊川).

He was born in Chang’an (modern Xi’an) into a elite family whose fortunes were declining. He passed the jinshi (”Presented Scholar”) level of the imperial civil service examination in 827 at the age of 25, and went on to hold many official positions in various locales through the years. However, he never achieved a high rank, perhaps due to enemies made in a factional dispute in 835. He was appointed to the office of Secretariat Drafter shortly before his death.


杜牧:(803-852),字牧之,京兆万年(今陕西西安)人。宰相杜佑之孙,祖居长安南郊樊川,又称杜樊川。大和二年 (828)年进士,为弘文馆校书郎。 历参沈傅师江西观察使、宣歙观察使及牛僧孺淮南节度使幕府。入为监察御史。 武宗时,出为黄州、池州、睦州刺史。宣宗时,为司勋员外郎,终中书舍人。 世称杜司勋。工诗、赋、古文。诗学杜甫而有独创,骨气豪宕,风神俊朗,尤擅七律七绝,为晚唐大家。与李商隐齐名,世称“小李杜”。有《樊川文集》,《全唐诗》存诗八卷。



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